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EYFS Classroom Essentials CD
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EYFS Classroom Essentials CD

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A fantastic collection of 38 resources, perfect if you are new to EYFS or just want to update your setting.

The CD consists of:

Early Learning Goal Cards

24 cards in PDF format. For each area there are two cards - one showing a selection of relevant ELGs and the other suggesting key questions to move the children's thinking forwards. The 12 areas featured in these cards are; Role Play Area, Writing Area, Malleable Materials Area, Investigation Area, ICT Area, Construction Area, Creative Area, Outdoor Area, Maths Area, Music Area, Snack Area and Literacy Area.

Example EYFS policy

13 page Word document including sections on staffing and organisation, planning, effective teaching and learning, observation and assessment, working in partnership, premises and security, transition, food and drink and medicines. Written with a Reception class in mind but could easily be adapted.

EYFS Curriculum Display

Cards explaining what each of the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum is about. They could be used to create a display for parents. In PDF format.

Visual Timetable

44 cards in PDF format; carpet time, lunch, playtime, cooking, computers, art activities, outdoor play, construction, small world, literacy activities, maths activities, home time, investigating, ICT, gardening, free play (2 designs), mark making, role play, music, story time, singing, assembly, P.E., register, snack, phonics, imaginative play, dressing up, dance, games, puzzles, modelling, sand, water, playdough, workshop, listening station, sewing, reading, fine motor skills, colouring, show and tell & puppet theatre. There are 3 cards on an A4 page

All About Me Booklet

A 6 page booklet for children to complete about themselves, in PDF format.

Classroom Signs

26 cards to use as labels for different areas of the classroom, including; Role Play Area, Writing Area, Book Corner, Sand Tray, Water Tray, Listening Station, Construction Area, Computer, Creative Area, Outdoor Area, Dressing Up Clothes, Small World Area, ICT Area, Music Area, Cloakroom, Boy's Toilets, Girl's Toilets, Investigation Area, Malleable Materials, Maths Area, Carpet Area, Workshop Area, Kitchen Area, Modelling Area, Quiet Area and Puppet Theatre.

A further 6 illustrated cards show classroom rules. The cards say: "Remember to wash your hands.", "Carry scissors safely.", "Keep the classroom tidy - put your rubbish in the bin.", "Hang your coat on a peg.", "Remember to walk not run" and "Sweep up spilt sand please". In PDF format.

Table Help Mats

6 A4 sheets of table help cards designed to be printed, laminated and displayed on the children's tables. Includes prompts for phonics, literacy and maths. In PDF format.

Packed Lunch Advice Sheet

An A4 fact sheet designed to be given to parents who provide their child with a packed lunch. It would be a useful addition to a new intake information pack. In PDF format.

Premises and Security Signs

A collection of signs to be displayed around the setting. In PDF format.

Resource Labels

35 colourful labels - Jigsaws, Puppets, Blocks, Trains, Links, Threading, Small World, Colouring Sheets, Pencils, Cars, Sand Toys, Water Toys, Counting Objects, Playdough, Paper, Envelopes, Felt Tips, Plasticine, Compare Bears, Lego, Outdoor Resources, Paint, Paintbrushes, Glue, Scissors, Magazines, Newspapers, Printing, Games, Phonics Resources, Literacy Resources, Numeracy Resources, Display Resources, Crayons, Shapes.

1 sheet of 7 labels ready for you to add your own text and pictures. All of the labels are fully editable and measure approx 14 cm x 3.5cm. The labels are in Word format.

Sand and Water Display Cards

19 vocabulary cards for you to display around the sand and water areas in your classroom. The water cards read; splash, pour, drip, full, empty, tip, float, sink and wet. The sand cards read; full, empty, scoop, tip, pour, dig, smooth, pat, sprinkle and mould. There are two cards on an A4 sheet. In PDF format.

Self-Registration Cards

This Word resource contains cards to create a self-registration display. There are three A4 sheets stating "I’d like a school dinner today, please.", "I’d like a packed lunch today, please" and "I’m going home for dinner today." Underneath each statement is a grid with room for the children to stick their names. Also included is an A4 card with space to write the total number of children having each option and two editable pages to enter the children’s names.

Snack Choice Cards

Create a new display around your snack area based on the children's favourite healthy snacks. There are 3 cards reading 'Children's Choice', 'We asked the children what they would like to have for snack. Here are some of their ideas.' and 'Has your child got a favourite snack? Please let us know'. There are a further 21 smaller cards showing different ideas for the children to choose from. In PDF format.

Snack Card

A resource to help you keep parents informed about the snacks on offer in your setting. The A4 card has a rainbow border and is in Word format so that you can edit it to show different snacks.

Snack Name Cards

Keep track of who has had their snack with these colourful cards in a Word document. There are two A5 cards reading "Have you had your snack today?" and "Don’t forget to move your name card." There is also an A4 sheet showing six editable cards to enter the children’s names on. Each card has a different fruit illustration. Simply laminate the cards and add velcro to make an interactive display.

Special Day Display

Included is an A4 poster saying "Special Day" and 2 A5 cards reading "Why are you special?" and "Are you . . ." A further 15 smaller cards (3 on an A4 page) complete the display showing reasons why children are special: careful, thoughtful, polite etc. This resource also contains a Special Day certificate with a matching rainbow border, ready for you to print and complete for each child. In PDF format.

Peg and Tray Labels

30 colourful label templates in Word format for you to create peg and tray labels for your class. Each label has a text box, ready for you to type the children's names. I have used the comic sans font, but you could change this as the document is fully editable.

Bear Peg and Tray Labels

As above, but with bear illustrations.

Daily Timetable

38 cards in PDF format; brush teeth, get dressed, tidy up, story time, bath time, bedtime, school, nursery, playgroup, reading, colouring, cooking, breakfast, lunch, dinner, farm visit, library visit, wash the car, swimming, walk, garden play, ballet class, birthday party, friends to play, park visit, picnic, gardening, sort the laundry, walk the dog, write a letter, computer, watch tv, water play, jigsaws, karate, watch dvds, doctor & dentist. Also included is an A4 base card with space to display 6 of the activity cards. There are 7 days of the week cards that can be rotated above the base board.

Every Child Matters Display

There is an A4 title sheet and four A5 cards showing four aspects of ECM. Also included is a set of smaller cards for each aspect, giving examples of how it may be achieved in your setting e.g. "We have regular fire drills.' and 'The children help themselves to a drink when they are thirsty.' To complete the display, add photographs of your children taking part in the activities described. In PDF format.

Group Cards

To create cards to show the groups in your class, simply type the name of each child into these A5 cards. Each card has an attractive rainbow border. There are 6 cards in total – Monkeys, Zebras, Lions, Giraffes, Parrots and Crocodiles. The pictures could easily be changed to allow for different group names. In Word format.

Hand Washing Display Cards

Perfect to display in the toilet area, this resource consists of 3 colourful signs in PDF format.

Belonging Display

A set of display cards to encourage children to discuss different groups that they belong to. There is a larger heading card and 8 smaller cards, suggesting different groups. In PDF format.

Continuous Provision Enhancements Planning Grid

A Word grid to record the enhancements offered through continuous provision over a week.  There is space to fill in additional experiences that the children have had under each of the 7 areas of the curriculum. Entries could be colour coded to show whether the experiences were child or adult initiated.

Daily Risk Assessment Sheet

2 A4 checklists designed to allow you to record daily checks made on the classroom and outdoor areas.  Use the grids after identifying hazards that require daily assessment through the main risk assessment process.  There are example checks listed, but the document is fully adaptable to allow you to meet the needs of your setting. In Word format.

Risk Assessment Grid

This resource is an example risk assessment form that can be completed for different areas of your setting e.g. classroom, cloakroom, outdoor area. In Word format.

Danger Detectives Display

This resource is designed to help children understand how adults help to keep them safe and begin to take an active role in keeping themselves safe.  The pack includes; a 'Danger Detectives' sign, two question cards reading 'Can you see anything dangerous in the classroom?' and 'What can you do to make our environment a safe place to be?', a small sheet to show the hazards identified and actions taken, a list format that the children could use to audit the classroom, an 'Our Top Tips' sign and a blank outline to record the children's advice. In PDF format.

Emotions Display

This resource contains a sign reading "How do you feel today?", roughly half of A4 in size.  There are 8 cards showing different emotions (4 on an A4 page) to display underneath. In PDF format.

ELG Sheet

Two A4 sheets showing the EYFS ELGs in a table format. Great to keep on a clipboard when observing. In Word format.

Family Tree Card

A simple format for children to create a picture showing members of their family. In PDF format.

Medium Term Planning Grid

A useful grid to help with medium term planning for the EYFS.  It is designed to plan activities for the seven areas of learning and development around a particular theme. In Word format.

Planning Mind Map

This is a useful tool when encouraging individuals or groups of children to take an active role in planning their learning.  Once an interest or theme has been identified, the children's ideas about what they know and what they would like to find out can be recorded. There are four questions; What do you know? What would you like to find out? How could you find out? What have you learnt? In PDF format.

Question Words

6 bright cards reading "Who?", "What?", "Why?", "Where?", "When?" and "How?" In PDF format.

Star Learners Birthday Display

12 zodiac cards to arrange the children's names or photos around. A large sign reading "Reach for the STARS" and 6 stars reading "star learner" in different colours.  There are also 10 small word cards showing superlatives such as "amazing" and "fantastic". The display could be added to throughout the year with examples of good learning. In PDF format.

Thinking Hats Cards

6 cards showing the different coloured thinking hats, in PDF format.

Tidy Team Cards

A set of 24 cards showing different areas of the classroom that children could be assigned to tidy up in at the end of each session.  The PDF cards include; book corner, creative area, writing area, small world, dressing up clothes, water tray, sand tray, listening station, ICT, construction, puppet theatre, role play area, music area, investigation area, cloakroom, playdough, maths area, carpet area, modelling area, workshop area, quiet area, snack area, outdoor area and movement area.

Weekly Planning Sheet

A blank weekly sheet that can be used to plan activities for KUW, PD, CD and PSED. In Word format.

Welcome Sign

An A4 PDF card showing ‘Welcome’ in different languages.

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