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Miscellaneous Resources

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Model Planning Sheet Model Planning Sheet
A simple planning frame that could be used in the construction area or for a design activity. This resource is in pdf format.…
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Ballet School Role Play Pack Ballet School Role Play Pack
a welcome sign. 3 signs showing different areas e.g. rehearsal studio. a class timetable. ballet instructor badges. a labelled diagram showing ballet clothes. a booking form. 6 cards showing photos of ballet dancers with accompany…
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Pushes and Pulls Sorting Activity Pushes and Pulls Sorting Activity
This resource includes a set of 10 picture cards showing different toys and an A4 Venn diagram to sort them in to. It would be ideal to record what the children have found out about forces after investigating a selection of toys. The cards are…
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Toy Cards Toy Cards
A set of 15 cards showing pictures of toys and their names (3 on an A4 page).  There are also 4 question cards included to support the children to think about what the toys are made from and how they work etc. This resource is in pdf for…
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